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Defective system

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Blue tooth unit will not light up at all amp will light up when we select DC on switch wiring is done right and has been checked over and over again. what do I need to do to get a replacement unit spks seem ok its either the amp or the blue tooth unit.


you make sure the system is hooked up like this diagram, then we will show you how to see if the problem is the bluetooth or the amplifier and get the replacement processed for you.  

MotorcycletunesDoes the power light on the bluetooth turn on when you start your bike, or when you push the power button, does the light on the amplifier ever turn on?if neither speaker is working the problem is either with the hookup of within the components of the amplifier or the bluetooth. Please recheck wiring to make sure it is hooked up like the diagram. Then make sure the amplifier turn on mode switch is to REM, and that the green light on the amplifier is coming on, this means that the amplifier is getting power. If the light is on and you are not getting music to play you can test to see if the issue is the bluetooth or the amplifier, first disconnect the 3.5mm plug that plugs from the amplifier to the bluetooth and plug it direct into a headphone jack of a portable audio device and see if you get sound that way bypassing the Bluetooth input if you get sound that way, then the bluetooth is defective. 



 another quick way to test the amp and speakers and see if the issue is in the bluetooth is to bypass the bluetooth to test the speakers and the amplifier only, you could bypass the bluetooth by taking the REM blue wire on the amplifier from the amplifier and unhook it from the bluetooth and just connect it direct to the positive battery terminal. It would be REM on amplifier to positive battery terminal on bike. This would turn the power on to the amplifier and the green light should come on. That means the amplifier is powering up, if it wasn't doing this before then the problem is that the bluetooth either wasn't hooked up correctly or it wasn't sending the Power to the amplifier when it was turning on. If the light on the amplifier does NOT turn on for this method the problem is the amplifier and it will need to be replaced. To further test the amplifier if the power is turing on, you could then take the audio input cable (rca plugs on amplifier to 3.5mm jack) and plug the 3.5mm jack into the headphone jack of your device and see if the speakers work then, if so then the bluetooth is defective. 

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