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Motorcycle Tunes Chrome Speakers quality sound good

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Why did yall decide on Clarion and Polk Speakers? Why not, Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, or any other speaker brand. What is the quality, clarity


We pick the speakers that we use based on sound quality and preformance. In fact since 1999, we have used speakers from POLK and Cerwin Vega for our systems and have done limited runs of Sony, Blaupunkt, Pioneer, JVC, Kenwood, and Infinity.

It goes like this, every year we test the new models of speakers against eachother. Over the coarse of several days, each speaker brand faces a blind test comparision using several music types at top volume. They are tested for clarity and range. Polk and Cerwin Vega have continued to be the top pick for best quality, by blind sound testing.  

2017 Speaker Test agreed response - was conducted using our Cerwin Vega and Clarion Amplifiers. The Polk and Cerwin Vega speakers range and clarity was excellent, with no distortion and proper bass response.






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