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Motorcycle Tunes UnAmplified Speakers Unplugged Speakers

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Can Motorcycle Tunes Speakers be used with a car stereo factory radio setup?


Motorcycle Tunes (Unplugged) UnAmplified Speakers will work with any Car Stereo (common ground, or bridged).

A car stereo has a built in amplifier, usually around 40 watts per channel. Our unamplified speakers use the built in amplifier on your car stereo. The 40 watts is usually sufficient, but you can always add an amplifier to your system later if you wanted even more power. 


A typical portable audio device such as an iPod, Walkman, ect puts out 1-3 watts of total power, so that would need to be used with our amplified speakers. Our amplified speakers take that 1-3 watts of power and boost it to 150watts per speaker so you can hear it at highway speeds.


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