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Connect to battery

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Can Motorcycle Tunes Speakers be connected to the battery?


Our amplifiers are very small, and can be mounted almost anywhere. Amplifier stays cool to the touch, and does not require much air flow. 
Easily mounts
o Under the Seat
o Behind Side Panel
o In Fairing
o In Saddlebag/Travel Trunk


If your purchase an amplified speaker system, it comes with an amplifier installation kit, or the kit can be purchased seperatly. 

With the install kit h
The amplifier will then come with the installation instructions and required wires for installation

The amp kit has three power wires, 2 hook to the battery terminals, and then one to a switched and fused power supply (headlight wire, fuse box ect) so that it turns the amp on/off with the key. 


You can either wire our speakers a switch and fused 12-volt power source on your bike. You can wire them directly to the battery, but you would want to put a toggle switch in there, so you could turn them off, but remember that if you forget to turn them off it will drain your battery.
Most customers tie into the headlight wire, or to the fuse box, so that it turns on/off with the key.
If you don''t know where or how to install the system, you may want to consult a friend or take your bike and the speaker system to a local motorcycle dealer or car audio store and they should be able to do the installation for you.

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