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Cerwin Vega Amplified Speakers Extreme Premium Ultra Premium by Motorcycle Tunes Polk vs Cerwin Vega

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What is the difference between the the Premium and Ultra Premium and Extreme Amplified Speakers.



The main difference in our systems is the amplifier used
We use Cerwin Vega Speakers in all of our systems, and  Amplifiers from Clarion and Cerwin Vega

Premium Amplified - 4" Cerwin Vega Speakers  with Clarion 2-Channel Amplifier - 300 watts rms
Ultra Premium Amplified - 4" Cerwin Vega Speakers , Cerwin Vega 2-Channel Amplifier - 400 Watts rms
Extreme Amplified - 2 sets of 4" Cerwin Vega Speakers with Cerwin Vega 4-Channel Amplifier - 320 watts rms
Insane Amplified - 2 sets of 4" Cerwin Vega Speakers  with two Cerwin Vega 4-Channel Amplifiers - 800 watts rms


Premium Amplified Speakers - This system is new for 2017 and is exactly what most people are looking for. After substantial testing of speakers and amplifier combinations, we matched the Cerwin Vega speakers with the Cerwin Vega amplifier resulting in a system that is very loud and very clear. Designed for speeds of 80mph+ and bikes with loud pipes this system rocks.

Ultra Premium Amplified Speakers - Our most popular system, we upgraded the speakers and amplifier making this system even louder and distotion free. Top of the line Cerwin Vega Speakers were paired with Cerwin Vega Amplifier resulting in the LOUDEST 2 Speaker Handlebar Speaker System on the market. The speaker, amplifier combination produces clear, crisp sound with deeper bass response. Designed to be cranked up, and guaranteed to rock harder than any competition.

Extreme Amplified Speakers - 4 Cerwin Vega Speakers were paired with a 4 channel Cerwin Vega Amplfier. 2 Speakers on your handlebars, 2 speakers on your crashbars 


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