Defective bluetooth amplifier not working no power no sound audio motorcycle tunes cerwin vega metra amplifier

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Amplifier is not working, bluetooth not working, no sound, defective.



does the bluetooth light come on when you start the bike and turn it on?

does the light on the amplifier come on when you turn on the bluetooth?


If the bluetooth light does not come on, then the bluetooth wires need to be checked and it may be defective.  


if the bluetooth light comes on and the amplifier light does not come on, but it used to work, then the problem could either be the bluetooth is not sending the signal to turn the amp on, or the amplifier is not receiving the signal to be turned on. 

I'd disconnect the REM wire on the amplifier that goes to the bluetooth. Take a jumper wire and connect it from the REM on the amplifier to the possitive battery terminal, this will turn on the amplifier and the light should come on. that means that the amp is turning on, now, but if it stays off then the amplifier is either defective or the power wires to the amplifier need to be checked. 


start a trouble ticket on our website after you determine where the issue is for quicker help. 


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