Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions


Motorcycle Tunes Terms and Conditions

Our chrome speakers and stereo systems are all patented.
It is an infringement of law to copy any of our designs.

When a purchase is made, you are agreeing to all terms below and within this website.

Shipping and Processing Time

Click here to view How long it takes an order to ship, and all other Shipping and Processing Terms and Conditions

Money Back Guarantee

Click Here  to learn about the Money Back Guarantee on your Motorcycle Tunes Product.

Warranty Information

Click here to learn about the warranty on your Motorcycle Tunes Product.

Items that are in stock or about to be in stock may sold as a PreOrder.  This means that you can go ahead and order the item, but it will not ship until either the assembly is completed or the anticipated part/s arrive. If you purchase a PreOrder item, it is estimated that the item will be ready to ship within 2 weeks. If we find that it will take more than 2 weeks for the item to ship, we will let you know ASAP, and offer you a partial refund for your wait or issue you a full refund and cancel your order.

Installation Instructions - Click Here


Prices are subject to change at any time

Warranty is subject to the discretion of Motorcycle Tunes and we hold the power to change or void any warranty at any time.

Sales are subject to end at any time

Refunds or Exchanges will only be issued at the lower price of either the current selling price, or the original purchase price.

Refunds or Exchanges, the customer will be responsible for all shipping charges.

To receive rebates you must purchase required items at the same time

If the item that you ordered goes on sale before your order is shipped, you will be required to email us with a request for the discounted price.
Upon requesting the discounted sale price, your order will have to be reentered into the system as a new order, and the processing date will be new again, as if the order was just placed.

Once your order ships, we will not be able to issue you a refund for any sale items.

Only One Rebate per purchase, per customer

If an item is out of stock, another item of equal or greater value will be offered, or we will give you the option of a refund.

We try to provide accurate information, but Motorcycle Tunes is not responsible for errors within this site, eBay auctions, or emails.

Motorcycle Tunes yields all responsibility of any damage caused by or any damage that may result from the Motorcycle Tunes audio system. When purchasing our item, you are agreeing to release Motorcycle Tunes of all legal liabilities of all products/advice given through website, instructions, email, or phone. As the purchaser, you are agreeing to assume all responsibility of the items once they have been shipped.

Motorcycle Tunes is a family operated business, we will not tolerate any unkind emails or phone calls that are interpreted by us to be ill-natured. This can be grounds for order cancellation, voided warranty, denial or refund, and or terminate any other assistance. We endeavor to operate our business with morals. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, with or without expressed reason. 

All assembled systems are tested to be 100% working before they are shipped. Only the components that are shipped in box, are not tested, any item that is not working correctly may by covered under shipping insurance or warranty. If further instructions are needed for installation we will try to assist with email, but you may need to take the bike and equipment to a local motorcycle dealership, or car audio store to assist you in hooking up the system.


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