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How do yall pick what speakers to use, why Kicker? Why not, Polk, Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, Cerwin Vega, Rockford Fosgate, Kicker Kenwood, JBL, JL Audio, or any other speaker brand. What is the quality, clarity


We pick the speakers that we use based on sound quality and preformance. 

It goes like this, every year we test the new models of speakers against each other. Over the coarse of several days, each speaker brand faces a blind test comparision using several music types at top volume. They are tested for clarity and range. 


Why do we use Kicker Speakers? - We are serious about the components of our products, we cannot make the best products, unless we start with the best components.  Before we selected a speaker to use in our systems we ran vigorous lab test, road test, and conduct blind sound test of all high end 4" speakers on the market (including Polk, Infinity, JBL, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Rockford Fosgate to name a few). We selected the Kicker KS-Series Speakers as the best sounding and best preforming speakers. When paired with the Cerwin Vega amplifier these Kicker speakers played louder with less distortion and deeper bass response. We 100% believe that these Kicker Speakers are the BEST sounding 4" speakers on the market, so we became an AUTHORIZED Kicker Dealer and choose to use them in ALL of our systems. 

We could have picked any speaker, but only picked Kicker KSC404 after testing them against the competition and they beat them all, they sounded better at louder volumes and could handle more power which means they can get louder, if something else was better we would have used them but Kicker won, so in the end you win. 






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