Amplifier Hook Up

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Can the Amplifier be connected directly to the battery?


Our amplified speakers have easy two wire hookup, the hook to the battery terminal and then everyting else just plugs in. It couldn't be easier unless you had a friend do it for you. 


If you are just getting the amplifier, then there will be three wires - and ship with full full instructions.
Hot to battery Possitive
Ground to battery negative
Remote Turn on, goes to swithced and fuse power supply so it will turn on/off with the key. typcially headlight wire, accessory spot on fuse box, spotlight or taillights


If you don''t know where or how to install the system, you may want to consult a friend or take your bike and the speaker system to a local motorcycle dealer or car audio store and they should be able to do the installation for you.

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