Amplified Vs. Unamplfieid Chrome Speakers Motorcycle Harley Davidson Unplugged

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What is the difference between Amplified Speakers and UnAmplified (UnPlugged) Speakers?


We make two different type of speakers, Amplified and UnAmplified (Unplugged) Speakers.


Amplified Speakers - Designed to be used with any portable audio device o iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Player o Walkman o Portable CD Player o Satellite Radios (an in-line volume control is required when using satellite radios, because most don''t have a built in volume control) o Any Device with a 3.5mm Headphone Jack or Audio Output, or Bluetooth with the bluetooth option



UnAmplified (Unplugged) Speakers - Designed for use with a car stereo type setup. With Motorcycle Tunes Amplified Speakers — you can use virtually any personal radio, or CD, cassette or MP3 player equipped with a standard 3.5mm mini-plug headphone jack. As noted above, for the relatively few devices manufactured with the newer 2.5mm stereo jacks, adapters are available from electronics stores. Low-end FM Radios, or other products with Floating Ground amplifiers, may not work optimally with Motorcycle Tunes Speakers, unless used with a Ground Loop Isolator.

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