Motorcycle Tunes Speakers are very loud and highway rated.

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How Loud are the Speakers?


No worries, our systems are loud and just what you are looking for. Designed for highway use and for bikes with loud pipes. Customers contact us all time time, stating they can clearly hear the speakers at speeds above 80mph, or that they have very loud pipes and are very happy with the quality and performance of our speakers.  These are great speakers, but you need to use prospective, they will not sound like your home audio system, or care audio system, because you are outside, wind and ambient noise will effect the sound quality.


A typical MP3 Player or Phone outputs somewhere around 1 to 3 watts, our high gain amplfiiers takes that and boost the output to overpower your highway speeds. 

Our systems are rated by the RMS watts, 
RMS power is true actual power, really the only way to judge what a amplifier makes or a speaker can take. The Ultra Platinum system uses a Diamond Audio amplifier that delivers 200 watts RMS to each speaker (200x2). That's almost 3 times the RMS power to each speaker than our competition.  We selected top of the line Kicker speakers are matched to the amplfiier and just really sound awesome when they are cranked up. 

Higher dollar MP3 players will sound better, because they output about twice the voltage of cheaper MP3 Players. Our amplifier combined with top of the line Polk Audio speakers, will make any audio device sound good. If you don''t have a Phone or MP3 Player yet or personal audio device that you are going to use with the system, then go with a good name grand, Samsung, Apple, Sony, ect. 

The full size iPods are areound 3 watts, while sother mp3 players will be around 1 watt, so the prelevel input of different devices will ultimatly effect the output level, even when used with our Diamond Audio amplifier.


*Volume output depends on the input quality of the device you are using with the speakers. Some devices will benefit greatly from the use of a volume booster. If you are experiencing volume output issues, please visit the Apple or Android app store and search for “volume boosters.”


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