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Orange arrow Can the Amplifier be connected directly to the battery?

  Our amplified speakers have easy two wire hookup, the hook to the battery terminal and then everyting else just plugs in. It couldn't be easier unless you had a friend do it for you. If you are just getting the amplifier, then there will be three wires - and ship with full full instructions. H...
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Orange arrow Can a Motorcycle Tunes Amplfiers be used to boost the output of a car stereo type radio?

  No. Our amplifier is designed to be used with portable audio devices, not with car stereo type radios. We do not offer support to those who want to use the amplifier outside of it''s intended purpose....
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Orange arrow Do i need a volume control?

  Most devices have a built in volume control, but our amplified speaker systems come with an in-line volume controls just make it easier to control the volume while on the go. If you have an iPhone or Andorid phone, we recommend visiting your APP Store and downloading a speed based volume contro...
Orange arrow What Audio Devices can be used with any of the Motorcylce Tunes Amplifiers?

  Motorcycle Tunes AmplifierS can be used with almost any portable audio device. Designed to be used with any portable audio deviceo iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Playero Walkmano Portable CD Playero Satellite Radios (an in-line volume control is required when using satellite radios, because most don''t ...
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Orange arrow I hear a humming noise and lower volume from the speakers, what now?

  Our amplified speakers do not produce noise, if you hear noise then the noise is coming from your bike and into the system. The tricky part is findout out where exactly, it is entering the system. Sometmes this can be multiple locations, but it is faily simple to locate the most siginificant source...
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Orange arrow What is the size of the amplifiers

  Our amplifiers are very small size, but very powerful. JVC Amplifier used in our 180 Watt Amplifier Speakers - Dimensions (W x H x D) 145 x 45 x 99 mm (5-11/16" x 1-3/4" x 3-7/8") Cerwin Vega B52 used in our 400 watt Amplified SpeakersDimensions Length x Width x Height (Inches): 9....
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Orange arrow What is your Return and Warranty Policy?

  Return Waranty
Orange arrow Can ANY portable audio device be used with a Motorcycle Tunes Amplifier?

  Our amplifiers will work with all devices, from iPod, iPhone, MP3, Portable CD Player, Walkman, Satellite Radio, ect. Any Device with bluetooth, 3.5mm Headphone Jack or Audio Output...
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Orange arrow Will the amplifier work with any standard speaker?

  Yes, our amplifier will work with any standard car or marine speaker, we recommend a speaker by Polk or Kicker....
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Orange arrow How do the Amplified Speakers works

  A typical portable audio device (walkman, mp3 player, ect) puts out 1-3 watts When you plug your device into your amplified speakers, our amplifier boost the output so it can be heard at highway speeds....
Orange arrow Can I hookup more than one set of speakers to the amplifier?

  Our amplifiers are Loud and Clear. We have 2 channel amps and 4 channel amps 2 channel amps are made for 2 speakers, one amp will power 4 speakers, but it divides the output into each speaker, making it not as loud. we have several customers that use one amp to power 4 speakers and are very happy ...
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Orange arrow How does Motorcycle Tunes compare to Steel Horse Audio

Orange arrow Amplifier is not working, bluetooth not working, no sound, defective.

  does the bluetooth light come on when you start the bike and turn it on? does the light on the amplifier come on when you turn on the bluetooth? If the bluetooth light does not come on, then the bluetooth wires need to be checked and it may be defective. if the bluetooth light comes on a...
Orange arrow What quality of sound can I expect from the Motorcycle Tunes Amplifiers?

  All of our systems use amplifiers from Cerwin Vega unless otherwise noted, we choose these from all possible amplifiers because they had the possible sound at the loudest volumes and yeild an impressive full range of sound. This amplifier is very powerful, small, and reliable with excellend sound q...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between the Amplified Speakers Systems.

  The main difference in our systems is the amplifier usedWe use top of the line in all of our systems, and Amplifiers from Cerwin Vega Basically we have two speaker systems or 4 speakers systems. 4 Speakers is going to be louder and better at highway speeds, but 2 speakers is very good and we se...

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