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Orange arrow Are the chrome speakers waterproof?

  Motorcycle Tunes as of 4-14-2018 only uses Kicker Speakers in waterproof enclosure. They are designed for outside use, on bikes, and can be used in the rain. Since 1999 Motorcycle Tunes has NEVER had a case of any water related malfunction. The Cerwin Vega Amplifiers are not waterproof and will n...
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Orange arrow Defective speaker, not working bad amplifier or speaker no sound audio crackling bad

  if neither speaker is working then the amp is bad, or not hooked up correctly. Please recheck your amplifier hookup, making sure that if your amplifier has two power wires, that both power wires are hooked up, and that the light on the amplifeir turns on when the power it turned on to the amplifier...
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Orange arrow Do i need a volume control?

  Most devices have a built in volume control, but our amplified speaker systems come with an in-line volume controls just make it easier to control the volume while on the go. If you have an iPhone or Andorid phone, we recommend visiting your APP Store and downloading a speed based volume contro...
Orange arrow What is your Return and Warranty Policy?

  Return Waranty
Orange arrow Can Motorcycle Tunes Speakers be used with a car stereo factory radio setup?

  Motorcycle Tunes (Unplugged) UnAmplified Speakers will work with any Car Stereo (common ground, or bridged). A car stereo has a built in amplifier, usually around 40 watts per channel. Our unamplified speakers use the built in amplifier on your car stereo. The 40 watts is usually sufficient, but y...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between Amplified Speakers and UnAmplified (UnPlugged) Speakers?

  We make two different type of speakers, Amplified and UnAmplified (Unplugged) Speakers. Amplified Speakers - Designed to be used with any portable audio device o iPod, iPhone, and MP3 Player o Walkman o Portable CD Player o Satellite Radios (an in-line volume control is required when using sate...
Orange arrow How Loud are the Speakers?

  No worries, our systems are loud and just what you are looking for. Designed for highway use and for bikes with loud pipes. Customers contact us all time time, stating they can clearly hear the speakers at speeds above 80mph, or that they have very loud pipes and are very happy with the quality and...
Orange arrow What are the dimensions of Chrome Speakers?

  5" Round x 4" deep...
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Orange arrow How do the Amplified Speakers works

  A typical portable audio device (walkman, mp3 player, ect) puts out 1-3 watts When you plug your device into your amplified speakers, our amplifier boost the output so it can be heard at highway speeds....
Orange arrow How does Motorcycle Tunes compare to Steel Horse Audio

Orange arrow Do the Amplified and UnAmplified models use the same Speakers inside?

  Yes, they use the same speakers inside the housing, and the only difference is that Amplified Speakers combined with extra items. Both models give clear, crisp loud sound....
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Orange arrow Amplifier is not working, bluetooth not working, no sound, defective.

  does the bluetooth light come on when you start the bike and turn it on? does the light on the amplifier come on when you turn on the bluetooth? If the bluetooth light does not come on, then the bluetooth wires need to be checked and it may be defective. if the bluetooth light comes on a...
Orange arrow What is the difference between the Amplified Speakers Systems.

  The main difference in our systems is the amplifier usedWe use top of the line in all of our systems, and Amplifiers from Cerwin Vega Basically we have two speaker systems or 4 speakers systems. 4 Speakers is going to be louder and better at highway speeds, but 2 speakers is very good and we se...
Orange arrow one speaker is not working or both speakers are not working no sound

  a simple test to see if the problem is the bluetooth, take the outputs of the bluetooth RCA plugs and swap them to the amplifier (move left to right, and the right one to the left side) if the problem moves to the other speaker, the problem is the bluetooth, if it stays in the same speaker proceed...
Orange arrow My bike has a windshield, will Motorcycle Tunes Speakers still mount on the handlebars?

  Alot of Motorcycle Tunes customers mount the speakers on the handlebars, just inside of the windshield. The bottom mounting bolt and the clamps, allow versatile mounting locations. Customers even mount the speakers on the crashbars, forks, and spotlight bars. The bottom mounting bolt is a 3/8" bolt...
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